Thanks to Le Love, a gorgeous website that I have been visiting for quite some time now. Loads and loads of sexy imagery and romantic bits and pieces that really tug at the heart strings!

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Today I Will Be Happier Than A Bird With A French Fry

fffound; Foggy Dubai
I’m not sure where I found this delightful little number, but I put it on our fridge.

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Way Cool

I have always loved Peter Bjorn and John.
Watch their new clip, ‘Lay It Down’.

Awesome stuff.

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It’s All Good.

I have just finished paying off my digital SLR camera. It should be arriving at the end of the week!
I’m so excited.

Today I pulled the old Sega Master System out of it’s box and set it up on my TV. I have been playing Sonic the Hedgehog (the original) all night. The music, the characters and all the different levels bring back so many childhood memories. I had a little browse on Ebay before to see what other games they had. I already have Sonic, Wonder Boy, Alex the Kidd and Ghost House.

I am such a geek!

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Picked up this book today;

I can’t wait to get into it once I’m finished with Lennon’s biography. That book is like the neverending story. It’s huge! Very good though. Lennon is a complex and very interesting character.

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Festival Fun

So, Big Day Out Music Festival ’09 is on this Sunday at the Gold Coast. I will be proper fucked while I watch some incredible musicians do their thang.

I’m pretty much as excited as this elephant!

However, I’m not that excited to get up at 6am and drive for 6 hours.
A little “toilet & lunch” stop at Nimbin should keep me in high spirits though (no pun intended).

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Incense and Deftones

Today I drove past a bird on the road that had quite obviously been hit by a car and it looked like it was still alive. Being me, I kept driving to find a place to turn around so I could go back and help. I pulled over, found an old towel in the back of my car, and went over to the little birdy.

I mean that when I say it was little. This thing looked like some kind of plush toy that your Grandma would give to you with your eggs for Easter. My heart broke as I quickly bent down and looked closer. He was done for. It must have been the wind that made him move to make me think that he was alive in the first place.

It was sad. My mood was off all day afterwards.

Oh, and the motorbike I keep driving past everyday that is for sale has been sold. This was also sad. I had a dream last night that I got a loan out from the bank and just said “FUCK IT”, and went and bought it.

Maybe I would’ve actually done it.

Tonight on eBay I bid on a Nikon D60 SLR Camera. $1,000 at the moment… and on the rise. 1 day and 21 hours to see if i’ll be a grand short due my spontaneous urge to splurge as of late.

I need to stop my impulsive shopping and save my pennies for a holiday!
But I need a good camera for a holiday anyway, right?

And a motorbike to come home to. Definitely.

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