Gallery Of Modern Art

Yesterday I went on a delightful little solo adventure to the Brisbane Gallery Of Modern Art and was pleasantly surprised. I haven’t been to an art gallery for a few years, so it was quite an exciting and inspiring experience. I took a few photos of the works that stood out to me the most. I have to do an assignment on one of them – very hard to choose!

Definitely worth a visit if you’re in Brisbane.

Made entirely out of pots, pans, and anything brass or metal!

Same artist as above, Sabodh Gupta.

Contemporary Art from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

This was probably the most interesting of the lot. A stuffed moose that has been preserved and the artist (didn't get his name unfortunatley) has placed different sized crystal bubbles over the entire animal. If you go up and look closely, you can see the hair, tongue, skin, etc. Quite incredible.

Hundreds of soft little China men all holding a large flower.

front of van

Up in the attic! Filled with cool posters, toys, and even a radio that was playing the entire time which really set the atmosphere.

Currently Listening To... Radiohead – ‘Nice Dream’


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