Picked up this book today;

I can’t wait to get into it once I’m finished with Lennon’s biography. That book is like the neverending story. It’s huge! Very good though. Lennon is a complex and very interesting character.

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5 Responses to Bookity

  1. angelabrownbill says:

    Bahahah, what bug was it that you called Angie 😛

  2. chloé says:

    i don’t honestly know how you could sleep knowing those little guys (bugs) were watching you; eeeeek
    i like bugs & such, but not in my bedroom, you’re a brave woman

    p.s. welcome to the world of SLR’s x

  3. freshtodeath says:

    I would have named the praying-mantis Jiminy. I actually just bought a Cannon 40d with a 17-55mm lens with a 2.8 iso. I still don’t know how to use it properly yet I’m getting there slowly, but surely, and John. I’m extremely happy with my purchase and I can already tell I’ll be having tons of fun just taking pictures. It’s so much funner than a digital camera because you can manually adjust everything. This is my first “real”camera if you couldn’t already tell. Aww, I’d love to read Lennon’s biography; John Lennon is a genius and a truly genuine good soul. The events that unfolded are unfortunate. Let me know what you think of your camera!

  4. chloé says:

    🙂 i’m going out for dinner to (shhh, lol)
    how’s your new camera going(?)

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